Cure and Seal Concrete Sealer- 5 Gallon

Cure and Seal Concrete Sealer- 5 Gallon

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SIMIRON CURE & SEAL is a high-solids, water-based curing and sealing compound. As a sealer, SIMIRON CURE & SEAL is non-yellowing and blush resistant to provide a semigloss finish on concrete substrates. The self-crosslinking emulsion chemistry offers a durable film and early water-resistance to whitening or blistering. SIMIRON CURE & SEAL can transform interior, exterior, horizontal and vertical surfaces.

SIMIRON CURE & SEAL improves resistance to contaminants, stains and abrasion due to its durable film which bonds to clean concrete easily. SIMIRON CURE & SEAL allows for increased protection to properly prepared surfaces.

The self-crosslinking chemistry feature of SIMIRON CURE & SEAL takes the easy-to-spray, pure acrylic polymer solution and turns it into a hard, clear resin film that resists abrasion and staining.

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