Simiron/ GFS November Training Extravaganza

Simiron/ GFS November Training Extravaganza

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This training is Nov 14 and 15.  Training Fee Includes 2 day training, 2 nights Hotel, Detroit Piston game with food and Drinks.  


Check out the Agenda:

GFS and Simiron Training Extravaganza



Monday Nov 15-


8:30-9:00                         Introduction and State of the Epoxy industry Address

9:00-10:00                       Equipment, Prep, Expectations to Start Any Floor- Diamonds and Use/Chosen


Class A- Metallic Flooring and Techniques- Mike

                                           Class B- Urethane Cement- Steve and Tim

12:00-1:00-                      Lunch- Advanced Chemistry Questions with a Chemist

1:00-3:00                         Ryan Davis-Marketing and How to Grow your business                          

3:00-5:00                         Tour of Simiron HQ


7:00-                                Detroit Piston Game at Club Level Suites


Day 2-

8:30-9:00-                        Daily Review

9:00-11:00am-               Class A- Flake Flooring- Mike

Class B- Polishing 101- Intro to Polishing, Tools Need, Different types of Polishes/ How to Sell a polish, How to evaluate a concrete floor for a polish.



                                          Class A- Advanced Polishing- Tim/ Vaso

Class B- Quartz Flooring/Commercial Flooring System- Includes Cove Base-Diy,  Americove,  Joint Filling, Crack Repair


2:00-3:00-                        Raffles/ Awards/ Sendoffs-



Trainees should plan on arriving Sunday night and Leaving Tuesday evening after 4pm or Wednesday anytime.  Training will start at 8:30am in Madison Heights, MI on November 14.  

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